April 8, 2021 


COLUMBUS, OHIO, APRIL 8, 2021 – The Central Ohio Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) board  has announced that the 2021 InfoSec Summit will remain virtual to ensure compliance with all CDC guidelines  while most importantly keeping attendees safe. The board understands that the last year has been challenging,  especially the inability to have in-person social interaction. The summit planning committee is looking at  options to bring the community together in 2022 and share additional details this fall.  


The 14th annual summit will be hosted using the Pathable platform, which  

successfully facilitated last-year’s event. In addition to remaining virtual,  

the 2021 summit will maintain a similar schedule to the 2020 event by 

spreading the conference over three half-day sessions. The summit will  

kick off on Monday, May 24th, with an outstanding speaker lineup and  

virtual networking capabilities for attendees and sponsors.  

“Although we cannot get together this year in person, I’m beyond excited that we can maintain the delivery of  our annual InfoSec Summit for the Information Security Community. This year’s speaker lineup is phenomenal, and the support we have received from our sponsors continues to be amazing. I look forward to connecting  with you at the summit.” – Robert Kinzer, Special Advisor, COH ISSA 

The summit is designed to be applicable for everyone, no matter where they are on their career journey. Also,  the event promotes security awareness to assist with protecting and defending against cyber-attacks. The 2021 event has Application Security, Executive, Career Development, Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC), and  Technical tracks presented by nearly 100 speakers.  

Additional information on the 14th annual Central Ohio InfoSec Summit and registration instructions can be  found at 

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About the Central Ohio ISSA Chapter

The Central Ohio ISSA Chapter exists to inform, educate, and train its members and community on the latest  trends, topics, and key issues in the information security space. This is accomplished through monthly  meetings, technical training sessions, annual CISSP training opportunities, and the annual Central Ohio ISSA  InfoSec Summit. 

A vital component of the Central Ohio ISSA Chapter success is the spirit of cooperation and cohesiveness among  the local information security community. The willingness of professionals to share knowledge, educate, and  encourage one another is second-to-none. 

For more information, including how to become a chapter member, please visit

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